Team Anger Management at the Echo Bar Recording Studios

The Echo Bar is pleased to work with composer Raney Shockne to record the theme and production music for the new Charlie Sheen sitcom, Anger Managment. The show will air on FX June 28, 2012. Pictured left to right are, Echo Bar owner Erik Reichers, drummer Denny Fongheiser, composer Raney Shockne, and bassist Reggie Hamilton.  


Everclear at the Echo Bar

Everclear finishes up their new album “Invisible Stars” at the Echo Bar. The album is set to be released June 26, 2012. Bob Horn mixed the album at the Echo Bar while Erik Reichers engineered vocals. Pictured left to right are mix engineer Bob Horn, lead vocalist and guitarist Art Alexakis, and engineer Erik Reichers.